April 6, 2012

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!! I am linking up with Lauren at the 'From My Grey Desk' blog to feature five things that I am excited about on this wonderful Friday!


I discovered the most beautiful neighborhood about two miles from where I currently live. In the last 24 hours, I have walked my puppy through it three times and each time I feel all creepy because I am just stopping to stare at all the architure/amazing landscapes. 

It has seriously become my dream neighborhood. I am planning on taking my camera there sometime in the next few days to show you guys how amazing these houses are. 

I saw a 'for sale' sign in the front yard of one and went online once I got home to check it out and gasped at the price tag .... $750,000. 

I told my husband he better be studying really hard for the next month for his law school exams. 


These shoes....

I bought these three shoes online from Target yesterday. Thanks to a gift card from Christmas, a 50% off shoe sale, and free shipping.... all three of these babies only cost me $4.00. 

$4.00 for three pairs of shoes!!!


My husband found out that he is going to be on the mock trial team for his law school next year. He had the try-outs last weekend and did awesome. They only accepted 16 first year students and him and his bff are two of them. I am pretty darn proud of him. 


Since my husband is busy studying for his law school finals, I have complete control over the netflix queue. These came in the mail yesterday...

Oh yeah....I've got big plans this weekend.


The puppy and I have gone into some quite intense training sessions this week and I think we might be making progress. I think I have taught him 'turn-around' (walking around in a circle) and now he can lay down and roll over and speak pretty well. 

Besides being cute, he might actually be somewhat smart too. 

Happy Friday Everyone!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! His puppy eyes are SO SO CUTTTTE :)
    Love all of those shoes...especially for $4...that's what's up!

    And congrats to your husband...that's awesome!

    Happy weekend, girl!


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