August 3, 2013

Weekend Reading...

Between hanging out in my backyard for far too long sniffing my bacon-making neighbor's air and running 13 miles today...I am all tuckered out. 

All the big plans that I had for today (clean my ENTIRE house, make us at least a $1000 and then if I had time probably change a few people's lives with my kindness) have evaporated into laying on my couch, moaning about how tired I am and watching 'The Sopranos.' 

So here is my list of things to read/do this weekend if you find yourself with a few minutes to spare....

A reporter tries to live by Madonna's eating rules for a week and sarcasm ensures. 

Just a tidbit from the article - 'One time Madonna told Spin’s Bob Guccione Jr. that “straight men only think about how you may dominate them in some way and make their dicks shrivel up or something.” In that aggressive yet very fun spirit, I start my day off with corn in a plum-paste sauce.' 

As a transplanted Coloradoan, I get this list. 

So if you live in Colorado and didn't see it on your Facebook newsfeed this past week, check it out.

"18. At some point, Casa Bonita made you think that cliff diving was a viable career option."


The ever so funny Whitney did a blog post about guys she dates. 
You know...cuz it's funny to categorize whole groups of people.

Sorry single ladies that this is what you deal with. 

Lastly, I might be making myself some vegan coconut bacon this weekend. 


It's coconut flakes with bragg's amino acids, liquid smoke and maple syrup and supposedly is a vegan substitute for bacon. 

Let's just say that I am not getting my hopes up....but OMG....what if I found the perfect substitute for the baco's I used to eat straight out of the container as a kid!

Hope y'all are having a great weekend thus far! I have big plans as you can see.

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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