August 5, 2013

Marathon Monday - 3rd Edition

Alright...well....let's just start this post off by saying that I don't want to come across as too negative....but I am not too sure how that goal is going to be achieved.

I'm kinda feeling like this...

(Sidenote: My husband is trying to cheer me up by periodically running into the room while I type this out and perhaps pretending to be Elmo? I am not too sure what he is doing, but I appreciate the effort).

I had a hard run this past week and it's shadow is still hanging over my head. My weight also creeped back up two pounds above the 'arbitrary' line that I set. Instead of actually gaining two pounds....I feel like I have gained ten.

I know that I am way too negative and hard on myself about my diet and exercise. This destructive thinking ultimately leads to unhealthy habits again.

So yeah.... my 13 mile run on Saturday wasn't too much fun. It was around 87 when I finished and it took me much longer than anticipated. I ended up doing a 12 minute pace (which was 2 hours and 38 minutes total) and my goal was around 10:30. 

This is about where I was mentally, emotionally and physically when I finished. 

So for the next week, I have to run 28 miles total and my mental goal is as follows....

I need to be proud of what I've accomplished thus far and instead of thinking ...'geez...I was a bit slow on that 13 miles and gained two pounds back,' I need to think...'holy heck....I just ran 13 miles and I've lost 13 pounds since March!

So that's where I am right now.  A little bit all over the place...but ultimately good.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!
~ With Love, Ashlee ~


  1. That's so hard. I hate gaining weight back, but when you've lost that much you're pound to gain a couple back at some point. You'll lose them again!

    1. Thanks so much Liz! I sure am hoping so. Even though I didn't want to today, I got off my butt and went for a four mile run. It was a good run and definitely helped clear the cloud above my head :)

  2. I have a tendency to get really down on myself too. It is hard. But don't let one bad run keep you from moving forward. You can do it!

    1. Thanks so much Ashley! You are so sweet!

  3. Yes! Not many people can say they ran 13 miles in one setting. :) And Butch and I just watched an episode of Honey Boo Boo for the first time every. We had cable tv in our cabins this weekend. :)

    1. Was your life forever changed for the better??

      'A dolla make me holla!'


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