August 2, 2013

High Five For Friday!

It's Friday and it's not just any ordinary Friday guys. 

I received a care package from my mom (yeah...I'm 27 and I still get care packages from my mom) so it's basically like Christmas morning over in the 'My Sweet Nomsa' duplex.

So here's a special edition of the 'High Five For Friday' based upon what we received in the most random care package ever!

I went out to get the mail and practically tripped over the box the mailman had left for me all booby trapped on our front porch. 
I squealed, grabbed my husband and insisted that my puppy had to be in the room for this monumental event. 

I grabbed the pair of scissors that are designated to only be used with boxes and tape (any one else like this? I have like 7 pairs of scissors, each allotted to a certain task. OCD much?).

My first thought was this.....'YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YARN, YARN, YARN!' 

Followed shortly by...'why did she send me so many razors? I'm not that hairy.' 

With my husband asking...'Is that a used towel in there?'

We quickly started sorting through things. I naturally went for the yarn first and got that out of the way so we could dig into the deep box. I then reached for the used towel and started holding it up and examining it. It is a fancy super absorbent towel that supposed to like suck all your water off, but it was definitely used recently.

I put that in the dirty clothes basket. Um....thanks mom?!?!

After the yarn and towel were out of the way, my husband started making 'ooohhhhing' sounds and lo and behold, the best thing that could have ever been in the care packaged for him was in there. 

Somebody has a big weekend planned now thanks to his large bottle of scotch. Thanks Randy for including it in the box! Definitely made John's day.

Cooper was next to get his present. My mom couldn't forget about him. 

He was so excited for his 'steak' bites that he couldn't sit still. Also, I had to use my masterful photo-shopping skills to remove his puppy boner. 

What can I say, the pup loves himself some 'steak' bites!

So after going through the box and pulling everything out, this is what we ended up with....

From left to right, top to bottom: a used super absorbent towel, hello panda cookies!, scotch for the husband, puppy treats, three sport bras that my mom purchased for herself but never tried on until after they were washed and found out they were too small so I got them (thanks for bragging about your chest size mom), Candyland Band-aids?, a very happy broom and dustpan set, new toothbrushes, 7 razors!, a box of tea, a bag of onions grown from her garden, and a mickey mouse t-shirt. 

So a bit random right? 

I also got some aprons from her vintage apron collection which I am in love with. They have such incredibly darling details. 

I walked into the kitchen to find John cooking dinner and sporting one of the organza floral aprons. 

Last but not least in our care package was 'the pièce de résistance.'

Two gallon sized ziploc bags full of unwanted samples from Birchbox boxes, sephora gifts, ulta freebies, etc. 

There is so much stuff here. Mascara, soap, BB cream, make-up remover, matte face powder, hair products, etc. 

You guys...I am going to look like a baby after I use all the face cream, sunblock, skin correcting creams that I got. 

My mom hates perfume too, so I got about a dozen different perfume scents to try out. 

I am pretty sure I am going to need to create an excel spreadsheet or something to try to manage my new beauty regime. 

So all in mom rocks. She is a good puppy grandma, a great mother-in-law and an amazing mom!

Well...I'm off to shave because apparently I am hairy beyond belief. 

Have a great night!

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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