August 13, 2013

Our Weekend at Summer Camp


I don't know how you parents do it.

This past weekend, John and I took our 'Little Brother' to a summer camp sponsored by Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America (BBBS) and we are exhausted.

We got back late Sunday night, and here it is Tuesday at noon and I am still recovering from our weekend.

I am still slowly drinking my morning cup of coffee and we just spent a while searching Youtube for clips of Carlton dancing.

We lead a busy and exciting life.

Anywho, this weekend was all sorts of fun and tiring.

We arrived at the summer camp around 11am on Saturday and did the usual icebreakers with the other 100 or so 'littles' and 'bigs.'

This basically involved us saying...

'My name is Ashlee and I would bring avocados to a picnic.'

'My name is John and I would bring jam to a picnic.'

Our little's two older sisters were at the camp which made him happy and John and I were the only married couple at the camp. With BBBS, you can be a solo 'Big' to a 'Little' of your gender or if you are married, you can do it together to a male 'Little.'

This was something we wanted to experience together and I am so glad we signed up for the program this way. I love seeing John interact with our 'Little' and just seeing how much of a positive impact our relationship on him.

Our first activity of the weekend was archery which our Little was soooo excited about. When we first told him about the camp a few weeks ago, this was the one thing that he kept talking about. I am glad it was our first activity of the weekend so he didn't have to wait any longer.

Waiting ever so patiently

Getting instructions...

First shot and he turned out to be pretty good!

Can you figure out which one is me and which one is Katniss Everdeen?

Didn't think so. 

 Somebody had to shame us all with his perfect form. 

After archery the rest of the day was filled with playing improv games, painting rocks, having 'Spirit' time which consisted of a lot of synchronized dancing and singing (which my husband purposefully hid from once he found out what it was), eating Smores by a campfire, playing carnival games, eating the 'vegetarian' dinner of white rice, going swimming in a big pool with a water slide, and participating in the 'Wacky Olympics' which was just a ploy to be covered by our Littles in hershey's syrup, shaving cream and applesauce. 

As it got dark on Saturday night we discovered that this was going to be the first night that our Little has ever slept away from home (he has never even stayed the night at a friend's house), so there was a lot of tears and homesickness. 

I was staying in a girl's cabin with one of his sister's so she helped me soothe him enough to stay at camp, but John had the adventure of sleeping with him in the boy's cabin that night. 

Neither of them got very much sleep that night and as soon as it was light out (6am) they finally left the cabin and went to the playground to spend the next few hours until breakfast. 

After breakfast we got to go fishing where our Little caught two fishes and John caught one too. 

As John was the only male Big in our group for that activity, he had the pleasure of unhooking everyone's fish.

The rest of Sunday was filled with more 'Spirit' time along with playing games with other kids his age.

We left camp and headed back to Atlanta for our Little's first professional sports game. 

We had some pretty amazing seats to the Braves game courtesy of John's mom and our Little enjoyed the game even though it was so hot that day.

After sitting in the heat for a few hours, we realized that thanks to our tickets, we had access to the club level at the Braves stadium and we found some seats in the shade and enjoyed the rest of the game from our new vantage point.

Our little was pretty emotionally and physically exhausted at this point and needed a little alone time.

When John and I saw this photo, we started singing 'All by myself.......' at the same time. 

After we dropped off our Little at his house, we stopped by the grocery store, got a frozen pizza, a bottle of wine and a bar of dark chocolate and sat on our couch for the rest of the evening watching 'The Sopranos.'

After this weekend, we have vowed to never have teenagers and that we will force our children to go from age 12 to 21.

No inbetween for us, thank you very much.

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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