August 19, 2013

Oh hey...

Oh hey....

how's it going?

Good? Good.

Didn't mean to step away from blogging last week but I didn't make my usual weekly schedule and it threw me all out of sorts. I still haven't made a weekly schedule for this week, but I plan on doing it first thing in the morning (pinkie swear husband) so hopefully this week is a little more productive and less chaotic than last week.

No real direction for this post, just a general sort of updates post with terrible transitions.


Last week I received an unexpected care package from my lovely sister-in-law. I am absolutely digging this new trend of people mailing me random gifts. Please continue this!!

I got some sweet pictures from my niece and nephew, Trader Joe's 'Just Mango' fruit slices (so delicious), beauty samples she had hanging out in her house, some fabric she thought I would like and an adorable running skirt. cool is she? I am actually eating the last bit of those mango slices right now and you all need to go get yourselves some asap.

Also on Friday, I got another care package from my mom ( was mostly for my husband) but it included a box of wine (she knows how much I love myself some boxed wine) and some chocolates for me.

I ate all four pieces of chocolate in the time that it took me to find my camera and take a photo.

I inhaled it.


Thursday we headed back to Savannah for the weekend. Man oh man....did we miss it.

Friday I had a business meeting in my favorite place in the world.

Can I just go ahead and live in a yarn store now?

My husband and I like to play a game called, 'when we have money' and my future is always revolving around owning/working at/sleeping in a yarn store.

After my business meeting we went to the mall to buy my husband a new suit.

Did he need a new suit? No.

He has four perfectly good suits at home.

But during the packing of his clothes for this trip, he needed to bring along a suit for a fancy cocktail dinner on Saturday with the law firm he worked at over the summer.

He grabbed from his closet his pinstripe navy blue dress pants, his brown tweed wool dress pants and a different shade of navy blue sports coat.

Once we were unloading the car in Savannah at 11pm on Thursday we noticed the mistake and that he would look quite ridiculous in any combination of the three things, so we were faced with the dilemma of a 9 hour car ride or spending $160 on a new suit.

So we got to spend Friday doing his favorite activity ever (HUGE SARCASM) and buy him a new suit.


Saturday I did my hair for the first time since March. Meaning I spent 45 minutes blow drying and straightening it. Hair is so much work!

Since we had that fancy cocktail party to go to that evening, I didn't just want to throw my hair up in its usual ponytail. I wanted to look all pretty and grown-up.

We arrived at the cocktail party looking all fine but I was soon agast to learn that we were spending the entire evening outside.

OUTSIDE!! In 95% humidity.

My hair quickly went from sexy and sleek to this....


Last night we spontaneosly decided to go see some live music and we were rewarded with seeing the best concert of our lives from a band we had never heard of before.

Sorry Backstreet Boys concert from 2000. You've been replaced in my heart.

The group was 'Band of Heathens' and the two main guys from the band were giving an acoustic performance last night and it was so good. Their voices were incredible and the song writing was top notch.

Here's a little taste...

The opening act was amazing too. The bass player was the absolute most happy guy that I have ever seen on the planet and watching him dance around and have fun was so contagious. John and I both had smiles on our faces after watching them for a half dozen songs.


Today we got our AC fixed. We actually haven't had AC all summer long and while it wasn't fun, we looked at it like an opportunity to cut our summer electricity bill a bit (glass half full kind of folks).

We had ceiling fans and one little fan we moved from room to room (a little white trashy we know) so we weren't too bad, but it was always around 82 degrees in our place.

We finally asked to get it fixed yesterday after coming back from our weekend away and being hit by the sticky heat of our home. The AC guy came today while I was out for my long run and I can't tell you how pleasant it was to come back home from an 11 mile run and to be greeted by a wave of cool air.

The AC confused my body though because I got all chilly while getting ready for work (it was set at 67!) so I left the house in jeans, a sweater and a hat and then looked like the fool walking around Atlanta when it was 80 degrees out.


Today was John's last first day of law school. Only one more year to go!

I bet it is going to go by incredibly fast.

Well....for me I guess since I don't have to do any work. Probably not so much for him.

That's about all the updates I have here. Linking up with Sami for her weekend shenanigan's.

Have a great night everyone!

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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  1. Hey I just found your blog and really like it!
    I really hate balloons, too and my old hostfamily (I worked as an Au Pair) just made fun out of it and made them explode next to me -.- I still hate them for that!!^^
    And I know exactely what you mean with hair...I got some curls and when it is wet outside, they turn into pig tails :( XD


    1. Man...what is it with people popping balloons near our face after we tell them we are scared of it!

      Thanks so much for stopping by Sandra!


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