February 24, 2013

John's Wet & Muddy Half Marathon

Yesterday we drove about an hour northeast of Atlanta for John to do a trail run half marathon. It has been really rainy here the past few days (2.5 inches since Thursday night) so it made for a wet, muddy, slightly cold run through the woods. 

John loved it. So much. 

I sat the race out yesterday because it didn't fit into my training plan for the Atlanta marathon in a month. I actually need to go run 19 miles today (BOOOOOOOOOOO), so if I ran the 13 miles yesterday, I wouldn't have been able to get my full long run for the week in.

Walking with others about a 1/4 of a mile to the starting line. The race was is Fort Yargo, a Georgia state park. It was really pretty besides the crummy weather. 

John was easy to spot on the course with his bright colors and represented Colorado with his socks!

This is what the course was for 13.1 miles. Definitely not possible to stay clean during this race. 

Just getting started on the course...

13.1 miles later! And yeah, his nipples bleed a lot when he runs. He has tried a lot of different things to stop it from happening, but he always looks like he got bullet wound when he finishes. 

My husband thought I should end this post with a close-up shot of his bloody nipple, but after seeing it all big and bloody on my blog, I decided that it was a slippery slope that I didn't want to venture down. 

So you are welcome for not including a chaffed nipple shot. 

~ With Love, Ashlee ~

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