February 22, 2013

High Five For Friday!

I have to say...this was a little bit of a hard post to do today. Yesterday I knew all five things that I was super excited about and going to mention in this post, but when I woke up this morning to a migraine, nausea and stomach cramps, I wasn't too excited about anything.

But my husband put me back to bed with a cold, wet washcloth and a fuzzy heating pad and I slept until most of the pain went away. Nothing like being able to sleep until 1:00pm on a Friday just because I don't feel good. 

(Sidenote: days like today I know are going to be missed once we have kids. I can't even imagine how much it must suck to be sick and still be a mom).

Since my illness cancelled out a few of my plans for today, here is my slightly updated list of five things that I am excited about today.


This. Beautiful. Hat. 

 I love this hat. So stinking much. It is made out of Malabrigo. It has a pom-pom. It was made following my very own pattern. 

It is absolute perfection and I have worn it for two days straight and plan on adding a third tomorrow.


The yarn colors are too light to photograph well. In person, the mint green and the gray are so lovely, but it is very hard to capture the color changes, so I can't use this hat for the photos that I want to use on my pattern. 

This problem brings me to my next item....


This. Beautiful. Yarn. 

 I needed something brighter and bolder to go up against the light gray, so I went out and bought fushsia Malabrigo yarn to knit the hat with. 

 I think this color combo is going to look great. Light silver gray and neon hot pink. 

Any excuse to knit another hat!


I am waking up in six hours so I can go watch my husband participate in a half marathon. I am looking forward to it because...

a) It is a trail run on single track, so he is going to have a blast running through the Georgia mountains. 
b) It has been raining yesterday, today, and won't stop until after the race is done. 

a + b = muddiest run ever and a happy husband


For the past two weeks, my house became a part of the Bermuda Triangle. 

I lost over six packages all filled with work supplies. 

And it wasn't just one carrier. I lost them via USPS, UPS & FedEx. Everyone possible lost a package of mine. 

As of today though, five of the six have been delivered. I've given up hope for the last lost one. The tracking information says it was delivered last week to a city over an hour away. 

I had one package come from California, get to Atlanta, head back out to Kentucky and Ohio, then make its way back to Atlanta.

With the deliveries of packages yesterday and today, my backed up jewelry orders finally got made and shipped out today. 

Thankfully all my customers were really cool about it, but gosh, I hate asking people to wait so long for orders to ship.


My new business cards came. 

They have my new logo on them. 

I made them. They are beautiful. 

You aren't going to see them yet though. 

I am still waiting on two more things that were shipped separately (please oh please don't get lost) and then I will unveil my new packaging to you. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday! I only have 19 more minutes of it here.
Another crazy night in the ATL!

~With Love, Ashlee~

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