March 21, 2010

Picnic in the Park...

Happy Sunday everyone!

Not to make all of my Colorado family jealous, but it has been simply gorgeous here in DC this past week! We are finally done with snow and rain and enjoying 75 degree days. That's right, a perfect 75 degrees.

Today the Husband and I decided to take a picnic in Rock Creek Park which is the largest park in DC. It is awesome because our high rise apartment overlooks the park, so all we ever see in the city is a canopy of trees. We decided to venture into today and found some picnic tables and had a delicious vegan feast. I made curried chickpea sandwiches with avocados  (click here for the recipe) and a huge bowl of mixed berries. After stuffing our faces, we sat and read our books for an hour. It was a lovely way to spend a bright and sunny Sunday. I hope you and yours made the most of it!

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