April 7, 2014

New Stores, New Shows and Balancing Dogs

Hey Everyone! I hope you aren't all curled up in the fetal position right now with a bottle of Claritin and a box of tissues. Still being a newbie to Southern living, I always forget just how pollen-y it is here in Georgia in the spring. It's beautiful during this time of year but definitely makes me feel like I have stuffed cotton balls up my nose, all the way to my brain. 

My little white Prius is currently lime green and I am religiously taking my allergy pill each morning with breakfast. But the flowers are so gosh darn pretty, I can forgive the congestion. 

For two weekends in a row, we took part in some craft shows and got to meet a whole lot of fun, interesting people (if you are one of them - HI!). 

The first show we did was in Conyers, Georgia and it was their 'Cherry Blossom Festival.' It was humongous (like 40,000 attendees and over 300 vendors) and windy!! Being the awesome photographer that I am, I managed to take zero photos of the event, but just know that it was B-I-G. The second day of the show was so windy that even with 25 weights on each of our tent legs and us physically holding down our tent, it would still pick up in strong gusts of wind. We had a few neighbors whose tent lifted and shifted into others tents, so Sunday ended up being quite eventful with helping people with their tents, holding down tents, trying to block our wares from sideways rain and wind-proofing our wares to the best of our ability. 

The next weekend we took part in the Stone Mountain Bluegrass Festival. This was a really fun event. It was right in the heart of Stone Mountain Village and had little areas/stages all over the festival for musicians to play. We had a rainy Saturday, but Sunday was clear skies and lovely! 

Also, I managed to bring my camera this time and take some photos (hooray for me!)

  * And yeah...don't you worry....I heard plenty of jokes about that 3-hour parking sign *

Look at that guy in the aqua blue shirt and overalls....

John Eric managed to find this guy and his pup in one of the tents and all day that puppy stayed on his owners shoulders as the fella walked around with his banjo.

It was a really neat event and we are looking forward to being a part of it next year. 

Besides craft shows, I have been working on getting inventory into a few new stores. Early last week, Crafted Westside opened up on the west side of Atlanta and it is so gorgeous inside. The owners have done such a fabulous job getting it set up and the vendors there are seriously top-notch.

 Still working on getting my display just right, but I am loving what I have so far. Just need to figure out a solution to those other necklaces and earrings that are just hanging out on the shelf right now. 

Also, this last week I re-stocked Inman Dry Goods in the Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta. I love their idea of using an old shutter for part of my display!

If you stop in Inman Dry Goods, I do have jewelry elsewhere in the store, so be sure to ask or browse around. 

This week I also sent out a large wholesale order which I always enjoy doing :)

Athens, Georgia friends - be on the look out for these jewelry items plus a bunch more at Urban Sanctuary Spa.

Lastly, with the cloudy weather (perfect for photographing) I have been able to take a bunch of photos of new items that before were only at the craft shows and will be adding them to my etsy store throughout the week. Here's a sneak peek of some earrings to come...

Be on the look out for another blog post later this week with details on this weekend's craft show (Gwinett County - I'm coming for ya!) plus photos of all the new items on etsy. 

Have a great night everyone!

~ With Love, Ashlee ~


  1. love the guy with the dog on his shoulders.
    did you know if you eat local raw honey it can help with allergies. at least that's what I have read. If not at least you get to eat delish local raw honey so no harm done right? ;)
    Love the blue shutters you use to display your jewelry. Did you pain them yourself?

    1. Hello! My husband and I were recently just talking about the honey solution. I am definitely going to have to give that a try! And I love the shutters too! One of the stores I sell at just had them already and used them for my display. I am terrible at painting so mine would have looked a bit different :)

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