October 18, 2011

Final Summer Day

I miss the early fall of Colorado. The changing leaves, the cool weather, the smell of pine needles highlighted on the Chinook wind over the Flatirons in Boulder.  In Georgia, fall is delayed. Tremendously late in fact. Today the high was going to be 85 degrees which is just ridiculous for Mid-October. My puppy is shedding like crazy because he already grew in his winter coat, so now my vacuum is getting a good work-out as I have to clean every two days to keep my beige carpet from turning gray with fur.

I brought my camera on our morning walk this morning and found a few leaves that are just starting to change, getting ready to welcome with open arms the cooler weather. My puppy though loves this warm weather and happily chewed on sticks, played with his girlfriend and explored while I gripped to myself about how warm it was at 9am.

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